Loading Shovels

Our Loading Shovel hire range will have the machine to suit your project, with loading shovels with a capacity from 19 to 23 tonnes, with Waste Spec versions also available.

About our Wheeled Loader Hire Fleet

 A Loading Shovel, also known as a Wheeled Loader, is used to move materials such as gravel, sand and debris around a site without pushing them across the ground. It can also be used to load materials into/onto another type of machinery, such as lorries and ADTs, to be moved greater distances. 

A loading shovel can also clear concrete yard areas quickly and efficiently. When fitted with a toothed bucket, a loading shovel is better suited to moving heavy-density material such as rock and aggregates in a quarry.

We help you manage the equipment you hire from us with our Hire Insights package. Here you can view a single dashboard to quickly assess the performance of the machinery on your project thanks to insights into their utilisation, fuel consumption, CO2 output and much more.

Projects from house building, civil engineering, recycling, significant muck shifts and demolition works often require a range of heavy equipment. Find a loading shovel hire from Plantforce so you can tackle those large projects more efficiently and safely.

Our site dumper hire allows you to get the work done for one or two projects without buying one you might not have to use again. Hire a loading shovel that is powerful and fuel-efficient to take on your project and keep your costs low.


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