Our People

People are the heart of our business. This is why we place such a strong emphasis on creating the right working culture. One that’s based on a collective respect for ethics and principles, where you’re encouraged to really make the most of your talents in a supportive environment.

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our people


Mental Health Awareness

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Plantforce has an inclusive culture where differences are valued, and individuality is fully embraced. One of the ways we support this is by creating an ethos that encourages our staff to identify ways we can deliver a positive impact in the communities we operate.


our people

We encourage employees to look for broader development opportunities like training courses and mentorship in order to help them reach their career objectives.

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Mental Health Awareness

At Plantforce, we recognise that mental health is just as important as physical health. It is critical to look after the mental health of our staff. This is why we have established a network of well being Champions who are trained to support our staff if they need it. Providing our staff with a network of support can help them to maintain their mental wellbeing and provides them with a safe space to discuss any mental health issues they may be facing.