Plantforce Ripper Tooth Attachment Operating On Site
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Ripper Tooth

Key Points

  • Suitable for machines 5 – 50 tonnes 
  • Easy maintenance
  • Robust structure for demanding applications
  • A range of headstocks is available to suit almost any machine
  • Nationwide delivery and/or collection available
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Our ripper teeth hire range will have the ripper tooth to suit your project, with ripper teeth attachments to fit excavators with an operating weight ranging from 5 to 50 tonnes. 

A ripper tooth is an attachment that is fitted to an excavator and used for breaking rock and very hard ground.  

The design of this attachment means it is a very strong tool for the job, capable of digging; or ripping even the hardest of ground. A ripper tooth concentrates all the power of the machine onto the small endpoint, maximising the penetration force into very compact surfaces – which a standard digging bucket would struggle to break up.

As well as being used for penetrating and breaking up very hard ground, ripper teeth are also very good for digging out stubborn items such as rocks and tree roots buried in the ground. 

These attachments are ideal for sites where the ground is too hard for your standard digging bucket, and you are likely to damage the bucket, or the machine. The best way to use the ripper tooth is by using it to break up the ground first, then use your digging bucket to dig as you usually would.

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Ripper Tooth

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