Change At The Top

Good morning, you lovely lot.

I wanted to tell you about some good changes that certainly affect me and the way we all work together.

Before we circulate a formal press release, I wanted to make sure you heard about it from me first. Before I tell you anymore, I have a request please keep what I am about to tell you confidential until it has been formally released later today.

Ideally, we would all be in the same place, and I would be able to tell you in person, but as we are so geographically spread, I wanted to make sure everyone hears this at the same time. I am stepping into a new ambassadorial role as Founder Executive Director and Sam Mercer will be stepping up to be CEO.

For over 25 years, it has been my job to make the right plan for the business, to make the business successful and sustainable. And now the plan includes my succession. At some point I would like to retire and there needs to be an established, strong and ambitious leadership team in place to carry the business forward.  With your help, I have achieved my goals for where I wanted to take the business. It has been a huge part of my life’s work and now I feel the time is right for me to take a less all-consuming role!

I care deeply about the legacy I can pass on. With Sam as CEO and with us as a team by his side, I know Plantforce will continue to achieve incredible things in the months and years to come. I know that Sam has the vision, skills and attitude that will continue to promote the growth of the company. Equally important he has the values that will keep the Plantforce culture and identity firmly in place as we enter the next stages of our growth.

I love working with Sam. His drive, motivation and passion for the business and his own personal development have always inspired me. This has been clear for me from the first time I met him.  I said to myself then “This is someone who would be great in my business… I want him on the hire desk he would be fantastic!” He actually started in the workshop for 8 months before starting on the Hire Desk, and by the way, isn’t that a great example of how anyone can go on to achieve what they want to – workshop to CEO in 13 years isn’t a bad career development!

I want to be clear with you on how I will still be actively involved in the business in my new role as Founder Exec Director moving forward. Specifically.

I will continue to be an owner and shareholder of the business.
I will now be supporting Sam as his trusted advisor.
I will support the Sales team in maintaining key customer relationships.
• Last, but by no means least, I will now have more time to spend visiting all the depots and divisions to support the wider team.


Thinking about how best to achieve these changes has given me the opportunity to reflect on all that has been achieved.  I have to say that the team that I have built in this business is my biggest and most valuable achievement. That means you!

I know I say it a lot… “a business is only as good as the people that are in it”, but for me, this is absolutely true. We have grown and developed together, formed new divisions and teams, but we’ve always worked together. This teamwork, this togetherness, THIS is what sets us apart. This is what will keep us being successful.

Thank you for all your hard work, the good times, the bad times and the laughs. I would do it all again in a heartbeat- but in fact I am looking forward to the new challenges that come with my new role.

See you soon.


Ps – If you’re wondering what this means in practice, over the next few weeks I will get out to see as many of you as possible, so we can have a chat.