May 2023

Welcome to our 2nd edition of News Flash!

I hope that you are all keeping well and have been enjoying the many bank holiday weekends!

May sees the launch of our new division, Plantforce Heavy Haulage!

This is an exciting time for the business as we look to build a more efficient and quality transport service.

Building a fleet of 18 vehicles is a major investment for us and we believe that it will drive the business forward.

I have lots of new people to introduce you too, as we continue to grow and invest in the business.

We seem to be recruiting Arsenal supporters………

On another note, I feel that it is important that we all look after our mental health and wellbeing.

So I am delighted that Helen (SHEQ) has set up sessions across the business to tell us more about that.

If there is anything in the business that you would like to know more about then do let me know and I will try to include it for future editions.

Warm regards,


Plantforce Heavy Haulage

At long last we can now confirm the newest division to the Plantforce family and the introduction of ‘Plantforce Heavy Haulage’. This month see’s the first three of the new HGV fleet take to the road, with the remaining five to follow shortly.

‘Plantforce Heavy Haulage’ will not only allow us to operate more efficiently and with greater availability throughout the business but will also complete our full cycle offering to our customer base.

The division will be headed up by Ian Blackburn along with Ian Milne. Each depot will have HGV’s allocated to them so they can plan and schedule work, the remaining fleet will need to be requested through Ian Milne to assist with any additional requests.


Meet The HS2 On Site Team

The HS2 Project

We have all heard so much over the years about the HS2 Project and how important it is to us as business.  Together, every part of the Plantforce family plays a key role in delivering this project and here we have the faces behind everyone’s hard work.

Darren Cumming is our Project manager, making sure that we remain compliant and abide to all of the constraints, SLA’s and Undertakings and assurances which there are many of on the project.

Neil works closely with the clients works managers and procurement teams providing foresight of the upcoming requirements and confirming hires as well as exploring and providing solutions for obstacles which we are regularly faced with.

Carl and Tom are our boots on the ground ensuring everything and everyone is in the right places at the right time.

Carl focuses heavily on communicating with site and team to coordinate these requirement, whereas Tom works very closely with the client monitoring and maintaining the competency and compliance of all of our operators to ensure the current workforce is aligned with each application.

Keeping the tracks turning we have Simon and Alex supported our Midlands Workshop team where there is never a dull moment as you can always guarantee the next job on there tablet will be at the other end of the trace 40 KM away!

And of course, none of what the On Site team does would be possible without the backup from our Depot based team headed by Ryan Lyndon.  The Office and Workshop teams ensure that all the bookings and maintenance procedures are executed and delivered to meet the high Plantforce standards throughout.

Mental Health Awareness Week

This is an ideal time to really start thinking and talking about mental health and well being. 

So if you would like to know more about how to look after yourself then please join one of these voluntary sessions. 

We will be running them at every depot this week and we look forward to seeing you.  Each session is about 20 – 30 minutes. 

For more information, please contact the Health & Safety or HR team.

Plantforce New Starters


New Starter: Rachel Barker – Operations Controller (Attachments)

Before joining Plantforce ,I was employed in the heavy Crane Industry,  it was like a minefield! Hiring out 2-20 million pounds worth of heavy cranes.

I have a Daughter who is 22. She is my world. I’m a very proud mum as she is at Uni training to be a mental health Nurse…I’m 1st in the queue once she has qualified.

I have 2 Sprockers (cross between a Springer and Cocker Spaniel)  and enjoy going for long walks with them on the beach or in the woods. They are crazy with too much energy and will walk for miles and miles.

In my spare time I enjoy Netflix, eating a takeaway with a bottle of wine.


New Starter: Allen Murdoch – Business Development Manager (Sales)

I worked for Speedy Services for 18 years, covering a variety of roles including, Account Manager, Regional Manager, Regional Sales Manager and National Account Manager.

Also Selwood Plant and GAP Group as Sales Manager, but In a mad 18 months between Selwood and GAP.

I am a keen fisherman and in my teens I represented my school in the schools National championship and then England in competitions.

Have always been a keen sportsman,  playing many different sports over the years, but Football is the biggest passion and I follow Arsenal.


New Starter: Katie Hutchings – Finance

I was born and now live in Weston.

I’ve worked at Viridor in Taunton and Screwfix in Yeovil over the past 5 years.

I enjoy  swimming  and water polo, something you may not know about me is that I have a joint Accounting/French degree and spent a year in France teaching primary school aged children English.

My partner is an Arsenal fan, which by association now makes me an Arsenal fan.


New Starter: Karl Boyne- Workshop/Mobile Fitter, Exeter Depot

I have recently moved down to the area, and started working for Plantforce.  I previously worked for Hydraquip and have been a mechanic for a couple of years, carrying out engine conversions.

My hobbies are working on cars, exploring abandoned places and I am into Motor-cross too.