Hire a roller to compress and smooth surfaces at your site. With a range of rollers suitable for use at every stage, from compressing the soil to producing the perfect finish for your asphalt surfaces, you can get your compaction solution with a roller to hire from Plantforce.

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About Our Roller Hire Fleet


We have various roller hire options, from a walk-behind pedestrian roller to a large 20-tonne single drum roller that can be hired with a smooth drum or pad foot (sheep’s foot) drum option.

We help you manage the equipment you hire from us with our Hire Insights package. Here you can view a single dashboard to quickly assess the performance of the machinery on your project thanks to insights into their utilisation, fuel consumption, CO2 output and much more.

All our single drum rollers are available with a GPS solution to suit your business. We can either provide a complete machine and GPS set-up or just a machine that is GPS-ready, so you can fit your existing kit to one of our single drum rollers. All supported by the experts at Plantforce Digital, we have the knowledge and equipment to support you every step of the way with a full range of GPS and machine control hire solutions.

Our roller hire allows you to get the work done for one or two projects without buying one you might not have to use again. Hire versatile and powerful rollers to take on your project and keep your costs low. 

Hiring one of our self-propelled rollers will enable you to work on all surfaces, from dirt and gravel to asphalt or concrete. The smooth drum roller is suitable for many projects, including roadworks and laying foundations. You can hire our rollers to compress the soil, work on the sub-base or even get the perfect finish on your asphalt surfaces. We can arrange a roller hire for as long as you need to complete the work.

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