About our Crawler Digger Hire Fleet


Offering a reliable and low running cost has always been critical when choosing what machines to run in our fleet. With a large percentage of our fleet being Kobelco excavators, we are pleased to offer our customers exceptional reliability and machines that provide the lowest fuel consumption. It helps you keep the cost of your project down and reduces your operation’s carbon footprint by cutting the volume of emissions generated.

We help you manage the equipment you hire from us with our Hire Insights package. Here you can view a single dashboard to quickly assess the performance of the machinery on your project thanks to insights into their utilisation, fuel consumption, CO2 output and much more.

All our crawler excavator categories are available with a GPS solution to suit your business. We can either provide a complete machine and GPS set-up or just a machine that is GPS-ready so that you can fit your existing kit to one of our hire crawler excavators. All supported by the experts at Plantforce Digital, we have the knowledge and equipment to support you with a full range of GPS and machine control hire solutions.

If your application could benefit from a specialist attachment to complete the task more efficiently, you can also hire a range of hydraulic and mechanical attachments from our dedicated attachment specialists at Plantforce Attachments. From tilt rotator hire to breaker or crushing bucket, we have arguably the largest excavator attachment fleet in the UK for you to hire.

Projects from house building, civil engineering, recycling, large muck shifts and demolition works often require a range of heavy equipment. Find digger hire from Plantforce so you can tackle those large projects more efficiently and safely.

Our excavator hire allows you to get the work done for one or two projects without buying one you might not have to use again. Hire a crawler excavator that is powerful and fuel-efficient to take on your project and keep your costs low.

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