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Crusher Bucket

Key Points

  • Suitable for machines 14 – 30 tonnes
  • Minimal moving parts
  • Easy maintenance
  • Robust structure for demanding applications
  • A range of headstocks is available to suit almost any machine
  • A range of hydraulic quick-release connections available to suit virtually any machine
  • Nationwide delivery and/or collection available
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Our crusher bucket hire range will have the compactor to suit your project, with crusher buckets to fit excavators with an operating weight ranging from 14 to 30 tonnes.

Excavator-mounted crusher buckets can be used for various applications, including processing small volumes of demolition waste and recycling aggregates and other materials. Crusher buckets are ideally suited to sites with smaller volumes of material that need to be crushed or when a site has limited space or access, so a conventional jaw crusher is not an option. 

A bucket crusher or crusher bucket is a type of jaw crusher. It’s an attached excavator tool for built-in crushing construction waste and demolition materials. It has the design of a shovel, which is open at the rear for releasing the crushed material.

The jaw crusher bucket has a lower production but can be transported more easily and only needs an excavator to operate.  The jaws are driven by hydraulically actuated eccentrics which crush material to a desired particle size. Bucket crushers are primarily employed in mining and demolition for the breaking down of crude minerals, concrete and masonry.

During the crushing process, the crusher bucket is positioned vertically so that the crushed material can be released. The jaw bucket works with the hydraulic system of the excavator. The hoses to the excavator, for intake and drain the oil are connected directly to the crusher bucket. A hydraulic valve block regulates the oil flow and the oil pressure to the correct amount of the hydraulic motor leave. The movement is transferred to one of the two crushing jaws, and the other stops.

With the ability to crush an assortment of demanding materials, our crusher buckets are compatible with various excavators. We’ll find the perfect compactor for the job regardless of your requirements. 

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