Our articulated dump truck (ADT) hire range will have the machine to suit your project, with ADTs with a capacity from 7 to 40 tonnes.

About Our Dumper Hire Fleet

If you need something more than an ordinary truck to haul weighty loads across rugged terrain and manoeuvre tight corners with ease. An articulated dump truck is often the answer.  

Dump trucks are popular in many industries because of their unique hauling capabilities. In particular, an articulated dump truck has the power and dependability to accomplish the most challenging tasks and the precise handling required to ensure safety and efficiency.  

Many of our ADTs come as standard or are available to be filled with Low Ground Pressure (LGP) tyres, which enable them to continue working in wet and boggy conditions. It allows you to keep your project pushing forward throughout the winter months.

We help you manage the equipment you hire from us with our Hire Insights package. Here you can view a single dashboard to quickly assess the performance of the machinery on your project thanks to insights into their utilisation, fuel consumption, CO2 output and much more.

All our ADT hire range is available with a weight-loading technology solution to suit your business. It can tie in with GPS technology on your excavators and other machinery to give you complete visibility of the volume of material being moved across your project. All supported by the experts at Plantforce Digital, we have the knowledge and equipment to support you with a full range of GPS and machine control hire solutions.

Projects from house building, civil engineering, recycling, significant muck shifts and demolition works often require a range of heavy equipment. Find ADT hire from Plantforce so you can tackle those large projects more efficiently and safely.

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